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Pierre's Fine Pianos

An excellent and unique collection in a place owned and operated by a good friend.


                                                                                                                                                                                                         Lee J. Cobb Characters of an Actor

A fascinating book devoted to an absurdly talented actor who was also a wonderful father. 

Lee J. Cobb book


Green Tree Meditation

In Venice, CA.  Christion Bevaqua works wonders in relieving the stress of this world and delivers people unto a serenity that allows life to flourish and be fully experienced.  The real deal.

green tree meditation


Langley Avenue Photography

E. Geno Frazer is a true visionary and true creator of photographic excellence.  Great stuff here.

Langley Avenue

Angeles National Forest

Always inside me somewhere, this space of peace and natural wonder is a blessing, and can recharge and refill a soul with joy.    angeles forest 

Ed Seeman, Artist

Ed Seeman is a brilliant, unique artist, and a great talent with enormous imagination. Check out the vast array of designs, ideas and formats on his website.  It speaks to my free heart.

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